Now that you have decided to take the leap, here is what you can expect.

Select a Homesite and a Model

What part of town do I want to live in?

"Location, location, location!" The location you decide on plays an important role when
buying a new home. Here are some things to consider:
  • How far am I willing to spend driving to and from work
  • How easy or difficult it is to access major roadways
  • What is the proximity to nearby shopping, dining, and recreation
  • What distance am I from family and friends
  • Which school district I am located in
What size home do I want/need?
  • Do I need extra room for overnight guests
  • Do I want a spare room for an office
  • Am I ready/needing to downsize
  • Is a two car garage necessary
Complete a Home Purchase Agreement & Down Payment

A Purchase Agreement is a definitive legal document that details the particular terms and conditions for the purchase of your New Home to ensure a smooth transaction.

Earnest Money Deposit or Down Payment is a good-faith deposit from you showing that you are confirming the purchase of your new home with us. It is held in escrow by the title company, not the seller, and credited to you at the time of closing.
Personalize It

A brand new home has a special look and feel. You know it the first time you visit the
completed home. Everything is brand new, clean and fresh! Often times, depending on
what stage of construction the house is in, you can pick the exterior paint color as well
as the color of the cabinets the countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms.
Final Walkthrough and Close on Your New Home!

You're in the home stretch! (We couldn't resist the pun!!) At this point, everything in
your Home has been completed and you are about to move into your new home! You will
be contacted by the title company, and they will coordinate a closing date and time for
you. They will provide you with your closing instructions as well as the location of the
closing. They will also let you know what your final closing costs will be and any
payments that will be due at time of closing. If you are financing your home, the
documents from your lender will be at the closing for signing. You will also receive your
Welcome Package from Perfect Deed. In it you will find your Certificate of Occupancy
and the KEYS to your New Perfect Deed Home!
After Move-In

After you move in be sure to go through your Welcome Package. In it you will find very
important information such as Homeowners To Do List, Warranty Documents, Paint
Maintenance Guide.